About Us

Raasleela, is a metaphor for playful and happy clothing. It was started for the modern woman, who is fun, experimental and confident. For the woman, who is rooted in her personal values and liberal in her thoughts.

The label at its soul, if full of love for all things Desi . We try to do our part in promoting traditional crafts of India and work directly with printers and weavers, so they get fair wages. You will always find an Indian craft highlighting in all our clothing.

Our design philosophy revolves around the idea of minimalism, clean cuts and relaxed silhouettes, in pure fabrics.

We believe in all things handmade and handcrafted. We do limited pieces as they are not produced by machines, in bulk.

Our team of printers, dyers and tailors are dedicated to the cause of providing quality clothing to you.


From the designer-

” Raasleela was founded out of my love for Indian fabrics and my innate need to quirk it up. It was founded for my need to wear modern clothing in breathable fabrics and the huge lapse in Indian market of making such product. It was also founded to take the traditional Indian crafts and put it on the map.

I would love for all the women to get up, take notice of our rich heritage and wear it proudly”


We use best quality home grown fabrics, sourced from its native places. Soft, durable and sustainable

Flexible seams

Gained an extra pound? Not to worry. We give enough extra margin in our seams to see you through. Just take it to a local tailor, and have him loosen the sides. Now have your cake and eat it too


Not a standard size? We will customize ! Fill the measurement sheet and we will make it for you. Any additional requests? Write to us and we will try to make it possible

Quality Check

Each of our products passes through our quality manager before shipping. We guarantee the best quality